Grey 11

You Scream And Storm Out Like It FUCKING BOTHERS ME!
Saying My Personality Annoys The Fuck Out Of You,
Well I’m Comfortable Because It’s FUCKING ME,
No New Shit No Things I Didn’t Show Before,
I Ain’t Never Change Never Will,
All Relationships Come With My Open Door Policy,
Walk In Walk Out,
And I Won’t Extend Another Courtesy.


"No Chorus"
Just Progress

For Shazz

Tears Of Silence.

Kinder Might Have To Re-do This.

ArtistAcis Hi
TitleTears Of Silence

Got Everything Working. Will Record Every Weekend. Let The Shitstorm Begin

my creative control of “pop” music is just low core techno.


Gonna ReD/L FL And Make “Pop” Music…I Have A Plan


who the fuck was i to change the whole system?

it was so beautiful,

till of course i intervened.

bleed you out till you were in need of an IV,

drained you faster then even i could notice,

but how could i take notice,

i always cold ice,

i drained it of all life,

and me back then took it as a curse upon me,

like how’d i get stuck with this why me?

what did i do to deserve such things?

come on you figment FUCKING ANSWER ME!

every other day i was away,

claimed i pushed you away,

when i was too cornered and decided to run,

but you put more distance on me,

then i could if i just walked out and never came back,

and honestly that thought never crossed matt,

not even once,

acis may have been in my ear a lil,

like we told them, “no-one will stops us,

not even you”let go and hit the studio,

stupid me, caught up way too bad in my alter-ego,

so i said fuck it,

and watched you go,

with what i sowed i reaped,

and had no seeds left to regrow,

not only did i watch you die,

i left me with no way too come back,

so dear kennedy,

even though you just got here,

me and acis decided,

to wave… GOODBYE!

something to work on

I do alot of writing,
but ya’ll don’t care,
and when my dreams come true,
it’s only cuz i got tired of living with my nightmares,
when you approach with your hands out,
i’ll shake it off, cuz ya’ll weren’t there,
turn around and split it 50/50
with the team right here.

Hi-Sqaud Daily

Ladies And Gentleman,
Evans And Miracle Beats Up In This Bitch,
We Came In Planes With Some Taliban Kids,
Better Believe We About To Blow Up,
In My Books Daily Like I’m Religious,
When I Sink The Teeth Back In,
The Rebellion Gonna Love Us,
Rebel With Some Rebels Being Rebellious,
The Novelized Will Be Revolutionized,
During The Televised Broadcast,
Of My Socialized Outcasts,
Bars Over Beats,
No B.o.b Or Bombs Over Baghdad,
But I Do Wish For Three Stacks,
I Went Idle,
Guess They Waiting For Me To Wild…Out,
Solo Soul Evans,
That Who Else? Guy,
I Got A Team That Assembles Crazy,
When Asked Baby,
Fuck Whoever You Like Lately,
It’s Hi-Squad Daily.


bandwagon hoppers, switching genres, they can’t compete in,
someone delivered us a another bunch of immigrants,
they should’ve drowned in transit because hiphop does not need this shit,
we’re held back and watered down enough as is,
everyone’s chasing the same goal on the same road,
too no damn avail,
because truth be told we’re lacking the ability,
so all the majors look at us like there’s no availability,
confusing pop artists as conscious emcees,
i walk a tightrope between bars over beats and a mainstream delivery,
but any challengers get slaughtered with my on beat off beat flow,
double-time delivery just to send them back just as quickly,
send them packing back to where they came from,
and leave hip-hop to the land of the backpackers,
and street corner cyphers.